travel, summer

travel, summer

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Here are a few tips from two famous National Geographic magazine photographers, Jim Richardson and Dan Westergren. This advice will help you uncover the secrets of taking beautiful photographs when abroad.

Do not miss the Dawn

You should get up early, before dawn ideally, because all (frames?) exposure? Lighting? are better than in the first rays of the new day. If you are traveling with family, convince them to wake up early, enjoy the beautiful wonders of the sunshine and save yourself the beautiful pictures.

Turn off flash

Flashlights will ruin the entire beauty. The digital camera normally, instead of flashlights, can set the machine at high ISO mode to record static pictures like that. When comparing the photographs in conditions with and without the flash, you will notice the differences. In general, do not set the camera in “auto” (auto) mode, which usually triggers flash. At this point, you should switch to “program” (self-setting program) to decide when to use lights or No.

Shop a proper camera  

If you have the opportunity to travel to places where you cannot record, do not miss your chance to shop for a ‘real’ camera. Even the semi-professional DSLR camera, the cheapest one, will produce better images than simple travel cameras. Just press and click. To reduce the bloated effects, you should choose a mirror less camera (mirror-less), also known as electronic viewfinder with interchangeable lens (EVIL). This machine can produce beautiful pictures on DSLRs but in a smaller size.

Comfortable with the camera

Learn how to use your camera proficiently. If you feel comfortable with them and not fret about the function, you will be more focused on taking pictures. How confident you are when holding the camera is also a factor affecting the picture.

]Tune with local life

Soak up the relaxed pace at the destination, change habits consistently with the local lifestyle will help you feel and discover the stunning corner.

Apparel suit

If you’re shooting in place such as solemn temples, dressed up serious and discreet. This is one of the most practical way to show your respect to the local people and at the same time create a sense of confidence for yourself.

Find beautiful photos in bad weather

Rain, snow or fog can not affect the ‘glean’ in the beautiful frame. On the contrary, it is an asset since you get the picture special. However, be aware that well preserve your camera in the case.

Make friends and stay close to local people

Do not make yourself look like a ‘spy’—just quietly standing outside and shooting pictures. Sometimes, you should put it down, take the initiative to make friends with a few locals and become part of the exciting moments. At that time, you definitely have more opportunities to take photos with real ‘soul’.

Challenge yourself with new angles

Actively exploring, taking pictures from every possible angle to observe the scene and most ordinary things. With the same subject, changing the angle will have more different features in the new picture.