Departing from the port of Piraeus in Athens, capital of Greece, you can spend 5 hours enjoying the blue Mediterranean Sea on a blue ferry, then after that, Santorini is out front.

However, even though the flight only takes 45 minutes, you should still choose the ferry as a chance to see the moon on the Mediterranean coast, the moon which is like a plastic cake.  Santorini is one of the 220 islands in the Greek archipelago Cyclade as well as a residual fraction of ancient Atlantis continent, with more developed civilization of 10,000 years, buried deep under the sea after the volcano and massive earthquake 3,600 years ago. With an area of approximately 73 km2 (28 sq mi) and about 10,000 residents, it is considered the biggest jewel along the Aegean Sea.

I’m in the center of Fira Fira Santorini because from where I am now, it’s easy to catch a bus to the surrounding villages. Oia village is well famous for the beautiful little house on the hill overlooking the sea. Most of the houses are painted white while roofs and windows are blue, next to the colorful confetti rig mingles with the sea blue Mediterranean creates a beautiful setting and very romantic atmosphere.

Most tourists prefer staying in Fira because it is very busy and crowded with countless cafes, restaurants, hotels along the zigzag narrow roads on the island. Every afternoon, each line of the flock heads to Oia to watch the sunset, to be immersed in the moment the sun changes color from yellow to red. The sea looks like a giant pan with red in the beginning then changes from blue to silver plated sparkling and fanciful.

Going back to the island of Santorini is very convenient, by bus, motorcycle, bicycle, or by donkey which are sauntered around the island that I call “taxi” Santorini. Motorcycle rental in Santorini is simple and affordable, with a variety of vehicles to choose from such as Liberty, Vespa … especially with the price of the ATV only 10-15 euros per day.

I rented an ATV after leaving my driving license there and went to other villages such as Imerovigli, Messaria, Vothonas, Perissa black beach, Akrotiri with red beach … Then I turned Oia Donate to the test feeling like a motorbike in Vietnam on the coastal road to this place and enjoy the sunset magically again.

I sat in a hilltop restaurant with bold style Santorini with white walls and rigs covered by bright pink paper flowers in the sun. In Santorini, you should enjoy Santorinian salad including tomatoes, onions, olives and cucumbers. You can also try dish fish fillet with tomato sauce and garlic along with a glass of wine made from grapes of local celebrities. Or simply a nice little roadside bar, a beer called Mythos (Greek beer).

Sitting in a romantic restaurant, next to a glass of wine, watching the sunset along the coast covered in gold is enjoyable. I told myself I would definitely go back to Santorini one day.