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Wangfujing is known for luxury goods. Here, visitors will learn and directly experience the ancient culture of China, try a variety of food and enjoy unique shopping pleasure with countless high-end stores.

In the Ming dynasty, on a street in Beijing with 10 imperial government, the princess should be called “Wangfujing Street.” Although this road is not too big, the heart of Beijing still attract a lot of royal nobles to live. By the Qing Dynasty, there were a well where the imperial family got the water everyday, the government named the street “Wangfujing Street”.  From 1993 to 1999, the Chinese government has repaired roads and attracted more foreign merchants to trade. It became the center of commerce busiest in Beijing.

Wangfujing Avenue is where the tourists come to visit in new york escorts. It has central Beijing famous commercial, handicraft shops and China’s largest bookstore. In particular, commercial centers where Muslims are concentrated and goods for different faiths in China.

Wangfujing is filled with lights, suitable for tourists to visit, ancient sights, marked history in this place as East Square Tan An and Dong Hua. This attraction in Wangfujing only becomes apparent when the night comes. The bright lights overwhelm visitors and that’s when you really know the food and shopping “bold China”.

A street running perpendicular to Wangfujing turned into night market cuisine, with dishes as special kinds of bread, meat and seafood skewers, candied fruit skewers and etc. Guests will be serving buffet style service, pay and enjoy the site. The stalls are open all night to serve tourists.

If you went to Wangfujing, you should definitely taste the “Quan Ju De” Peking Duck with the guidance of professional chefs from the book, mix and eat it like a real “Beijinger “.

Picking gifts will become even more difficult when you are surrounded by a multitude of small items, cute, delicate and especially “very Chinese”. At midnight, the bar was the center of Chinese young people. They gather, dice, chat, sing and dance. Wangfujing is a city does not rest for even a minute.