I met some of my friends at the Elevate Restaurant & Lounge located on 93 Bowery in Chinatown on the lower floor of Wyndham Garden hotel.

Seeing a name such as Elevate made me curious.  Elevate means to raise something or to lift something up.  We all had a long day and wanted somewhere to relax and enjoy each other’s company.  Upon entering the restaurant, I was greeted very kindly.  “Welcome” one of the waiters said, to me.  ”Can I help you? “ I explained that I was, meeting some friends there. “

He seated me at a table and I waited for my friends. I wasn’t very hungry so I only ate Miso soup, that day.   Two weeks later I had another appointment in the same location, at the same restaurant called “Elevate”.   This time I was hungry and I was looking for something affordable and tasty.  The person who we had an appointment with, informed us that any thing we ordered he would handle the expense.  Another friend arrived, and we decided to order something unique.

We were amazed at the menu and how affordable every thing was.   We ordered Sushi.   I use to live in Japan. As a student I worked in some of their finer restaurants.   I was amazed that each order presented to us fabulously kept with the essential traditional Japanese Cuisines.   We had the pleasure to meet the Executive Chef of Elevate, “Mr. Leo Lai”.   I learned that Mr. Lai was born and raised in Hong Kong.   He had overseen and owned restaurants through out New York and New Jersey.

Leo explained to me that he was expanding the restaurant and it will have a seating outdoor extension area soon.  He wanted to expand the area, so that more people could enjoy the outdoors and the sun, weather permitting.  We later moved to the raw bar.  What a treat, Leo presented a series of plates with fish from around the world.

Every sushi platter that Leo created was works of art.

Our taste buds were astonished.  One dish that you must try is the seasonal Omakase, which translate, as “ I’ll leave it to you”.

Other unique appetizers with fabulous presentations were the sea urchin “uni” with homemade sauces, the three different clams, golden Buddha  and one of Leo’s creations, which he named the bloody oyster in a shell.    We saved room for dessert, and once again Leo presented us with an absolutely beautiful tray decorated with raspberry sorbet, fresh flowered strawberry and chocolate soufflé.   Leo’s presentations and services were a true cutting edge Japanese Fusion cuisine, in an upbeat cozy atmosphere!

We were elevated and lifted up by our sushi bar experience.   We highly suggest that you stop by Elevate Restaurant & Lounge, the next time you visit China town. I am looking forward to returning soon.