Golden Unicorn

Golden Unicorn


On August 8th 2014, Golden Unicorn Restaurant is celebrating their 25th-year anniversary.  This longtime Chinatown restaurant is tremendously popular due to its reputation for excellent steamed dim sum.  Despite having two dining floors, it is constantly packed, especially on weekends.

As part of the entertainment on this special day Golden Unicorn, will host their first VNB Magazine, Lingerie Fashion Show. The guest will be served dinner and entertained by popular singers including a live Lingerie Fashion Show.

I entered the Golden Unicorn through a commercial building in a quiet part of Chinatown.  With in seconds a smiling hostess wearing a uniform greeted me.  “You can take the elevator to enter the second or third floor”. She said.  It was noontime; I came up the elevator to the third floor.  There were at lease 35 tables with delicious selections of dim sum on wheel carts passing between each table. Golden Unicorn offered many choices of very affordable priced dim sum on each cart.

I was on time for our meeting; Andy, (head maître d), and Holly (office manager) met me within seconds of my arrival.   They prepared a table for us on the second floor.

VNB:  “Hi Andy how long have you worked here?”

Andy: “17 years, I worked my way up to this position”.

VNB:  Can you tell me something about Golden Unicorn Restaurant?

Andy:  “Both floors offer the same décor, of golden unicorns romping across the back wall. In the Chinese culture, unicorns are considered, good luck. They are imagination creatures similar to the popularity of the dragon.“

Andy: “Golden Unicorn has at lease 35 family size tables in the large rooms.  Just enough space for the wait staff to wheel carts of a wide assortment of dim sum, from table to table.  Each cart has photos of the food to help the guest with their selections.”

VNB:  August is a number 8-month.  “8” is considered a lucky number, Can you explain why this month and day, is important to Golden Unicorn?

Andy: “Our restaurant opened in August 1989.  The number 8 is a very popular lucky number in the Chinese culture.  It is only natural for Golden Unicorn Restaurant, to celebrate on the same month that we opened 25 years ago.  Our restaurant has been very successful, for over 25 years and we are very proud of our success. “

“ During the daytime, Golden Unicorn presents up to one hundred different choices of fresh dim sum, including such favorite as steamed buns, taro cake, and shrimp dumplings.   For those who desire the full meal, the core menu offers an extensive array of savory, classic Chinese Cantonese-style dishes such as Peking duck and lobster with ginger and scallions.”

VNB:  “Thanks Andy, you have helped us to understand how successful Golden Unicorn Restaurant is.”

During the entire interview I admired Andy’s pleasant smile.  Andy excused himself from our table, to get back to his area.  Holly returned to our table, to continue answering all other questions.

Holly: “The restaurant has been a particularly attractive location for those looking to host private dinners, corporate events, parties, or weddings.  Interested guests can also request usage of the open bar, dance floor, or audio systems,

For banquets, patrons can collaborate beforehand with the restaurant manager to prepare unique, customized menus.   At dinner there is a menu of Cantonese and Hong Kong dishes.”

After the interview, I was very thirsty.  Within seconds I was given a cup of hot jasmine tea, and two shrimp dim sum dishes.   I enjoyed both dishes the shrimp was firm and fresh.  The essence of the jasmine tea was soothing and refreshing.

In closing, Golden Unicorn’s quarters, with its elaborate chandeliers and lighting, lush red and gold décor, and expansive space, offers the perfect, memorable backdrop for any type of event of festivities.