Mister Hotpot

Mister Hotpot


It was a beautiful sunny Saturday summer day.  A friend from VNB magazine called and invited me and my friend Emily for lunch.  We met at Mister Hotpot located at 5306 8th Ave Borough Park in Chinatown Brooklyn NY.   This was my first time seeing a Chinatown in Brooklyn.  It was amazing.   I was told that this Chinatown area in Brooklyn is expanding robustly.  It is also well known as an extension of the original Chinatown in Manhattan.

We entered Mister Hotpot around noon, and were greeted by a great staff, with smiles.   We were seated and served by waiters Vince and Dee.  They were cheerful, prompt to refill water, mindful, very nice, always addressing us with a smile and very polite.  Pop music blared from the speakers, and the surrounding tables are populated by hip young kids, various sets of families both young and middle aged.  I had never seen a hotpot restaurant like this before, so I asked the waiters many questions.

VNB:“ How long has Mister Hotpot been here?

Waiters:  About three years.

VNB: “Who is the owner?”

Waiters: “ His name is Ken”

VNB: “Does all of your tables have cooking sections on top?”

Waiters: Yes, we have tables for smaller groups also.

VNB:  What kinds of dishes are good to order?

Waiter:  “It depends on your taste; all of them are good”.

Waiter: “We have two special broths one spicy with herbs and the other creamy color not so spicy.”  “They‘re both are made with fine Pork Bones. Some call it soup, this is the broth you cook your meats and vegetables in.”

VNB: Thanks

Mister Hotpot is known for their very flavorful signature broths.   One is pork bone filled with spicy herbs, and the other is a pork bone creamy tomato broth.  The Hotpot, is set up similar to fondue style- dipping meat, vegetables, and noodles into bubbling broth at the table, when the meat is cooked, you eat it.  With the use of selected high quality ingredients dipped in a refined special soup base, it ensures the best of taste, smell, and presentation.  The broth lends its flavor to the food that you cook in it.

We were very hungry; all of the food we ordered was fresh.   We were given a decorative white tray with an array of condiments: scallions, dry garlic, cilantros, a mixture of spiced peppers, an herbal sauce mixture, a red sauce mixture, and onions.  This tray of goodies was given to us before we received the hotpot of broths.   What a great way to help spice up the great meal we were waiting for.

We ordered a mixed of things such as Crystal Crab, Fish Roe Ball, Chicken, Vermicelli noodles, Beef Tendon Ball, Cuttlefish Ball, Shrimp ball paste, Fish Stomach, Garland Round Leaf, Sliced Pork Belly, a Wag-yu Beef grade A-4 platter, with gold leafs sprinkles.  (For all of you beef lovers Wag-yu Beef grade A-6, is the highest number of quality beef in Japan.  A-4 is the next high quality number.)   In some Asian countries, when gold leaf sprinkles are added to food, it is a symbol for the highest quality.   Mister Hotpot only serves grade A-4 Wag-yu Beef, a known top high quality beef.

Wag u Beef, is thinly sliced, very light, melts in your mouth, once cooked in the special broth it turns a pink color.   The herbs and spices from the broth, flavors all of the selected ingredients, especially the meats.  Our broth did not take long to boil; we divided each ingredient and placed each one into the two broths.  As our food simmered, the aroma was amazing.  The meal was juicy, flavorful and excellent.  We ate well and left the restaurant filled but not stuffed.   Mister Hotpot’s broth was surely a treasure.   The next day I decided to look up some history about the hotpot.  Did you know that the Chinese hot pot has a history of more than 1,000 years?

It is still the most popular dish for social and family gatherings.   If you want to try a new experience, than make a reservation at Mister Hotpot.  Mister Hotpot will surely capture the hearts of all guests and will become their priority choice.

Mister Hotpot

5306 8th Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11220

Tel: 718 633 5197