VNB magazine lingerie show.

VNB magazine lingerie show.

VNB magazine lingerie show.

VNB magazine lingerie show.


ON May 21, 2014, VNB magazine joined with Fushimi presenting a stunning lingerie fashion show.   Fushimi’s newly opened Williamsburg modern Japanese cuisine & lounge; is known for it’s impeccable food, superior service and trendy ambiance.

The guests were served extremely exquisite traditional Japanese food fused with inventive French inspired nouvelle cuisines.  All quest enjoyed an excellent, rewarding dinner, prepared by talented chefs with years of experience.   While dining the quest were entertained by well-known New York singers Manli Queen, and Andy.   Each singer performed solo popular traditional and modern Chinese songs with excellence.   In addition, to spice things up, VNB gave everyone a first peek of their up-coming lingerie collection.   Which will be sold in their on-line store.  Once the guest entered Fushimi, they were entertained with videos of VNB models wearing VNB’s up-coming sexy lingerie.  The videos were playing on four huge screens to the delight of the quest.

After dinner, VNB magazine opened the lingerie show introducing their first up-coming lingerie collection called “VNB Intimates” designed by Deborah LaPearl.    This was Fushimi’s first fashion lingerie runway show.  When asked about the opening collection LaPearl said “Sometimes men want to present their ladies with a sexy chemise or camisole.”  “VNB gave me the opportunity to design an elegance sexy intimate collection which will hypnotize her partners instincts, and make her feel glamorous, sexy, and special.”

LaPearl continued saying  “The VNB intimate on-line store will entice women across the globe to purchase the right kind of lingerie, ranging from bras, panties, knickers, and corsets, to match their outerwear.  Shopping in VNB magazine’s on-line store removes the uncomfortable experience, involved when men try to buy lingerie in a store for their ladies. “

“ The VNB intimates collection will focus on developing the perfect lingerie; bras and panties to help shape the desired look flattering women of all sizes.

VNB’s intimate collection has a hint of the classic movie star glamour.  The sheerness of silk chiffon teddies, baby doll camisoles, lace panties, bras, cover-ups, seamed hosiery, and of course, lace up corsets are what puts the word sexy in the intimate wear.”  “ What’s our goal?  It is to create movie star Red Carpet appeal by combining classiness, sexiness and glamour on the runway.”


There is a growing group of consumers that feel more comfortable buying online.  They are looking for great products online from the comfort of their home or office.

Seriously, isn’t that great?   Modern technology has come up to the levels that consumers really want.

In every course, the best is sometimes last.  VNB showed the spice at the end of this exciting fashion show.  VNB featured the stunning unique lingerie collection from  ” House of Hot Cocoa” designed by Sasha Peters.

Sasha designs fashion exclusively for the bedroom. When asked about her collection Sasha’s reply was  “I create the clothes that will fit who each client’s inside secrets.  I create clothes that will help them to overcome insecurities and focus on their very person who is in need.”   “If she takes away her insecurities than the result left is happiness”.    “The bedroom is supposed to be fun.  Fun is alive, it’s variety”!!

Sasha gives motivation lectures at a variety of women’s events.  Topic (Putting Fun And Romance Back Into Your Bedroom).    It is surely Sasha’s mission to help women feel wonderful from inside to outside.  What this means is that when each woman realizes her own personality, she is able to open herself up to putting fun and romance in the bedroom.

Sasha’s lingerie collection consisted of bright, lively, colored spandex, accented with embellishments and cutouts.   Each breath-taking item was sexually charged, fitting a woman’s curves above and below the waist.     Her collection displayed a winning combination of sex, fantasy and fashion.    The last item to close the show was (All about Money).   The audients and guest were amazed and satisfied by VNB joining with Fushimi to launch it’s first lingerie fashion show in Williamsburg.    I give them both a standing ovation for their trendy opulent, décor, and atmosphere.   The music, lights and stunning cat walking models truly contributed to this outstanding lingerie fashion show.

In addition, the entire event, could not have been a success, without the help of the Sponsors, Producer, Executive Chefs, Fashion Show Director, Fashion Show Coordinator, Models, Security, Stage Director, Stage manager, Back stage manager, Videographer, Production Tech Director, Associate Technicians, Make-up team, Hair team, Sound and DJ and of course both Fashion Designers.   The names of this dynamic team was listed and displayed on the VIP wall, brochures and tables tops of each guest’s table.

VNB has lingerie shows every two months.   They will launch their new collection in their next lingerie fashion show on August 8, 2014.    I am looking forward to attending their next show.