Yan Ge for VNB magazine

Yan Ge for VNB magazine

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Yan Ge, a well-trained exceptional Chinese dancer arrived in New York City four years ago, to further her dance study.    According to Yan Ge, she was at the point of her life were she wanted to expand and open herself up to more creative western dancing.   During her stay, Yan Ge has learned a variety of dances such as modern dance, ballet, salsa, ballroom, and club.

Yan Ge has a deep love and passion for dancing.  She noticed that most western cultures know about western dancing but few knew about Chinese dancing.   She saw many dance schools for a variety of western dancing, Spanish dancing; however she did not see Chinese dance classes.

This prompted her desire to start a non-profit foundation and dance school in New York City.   Yan Ge saw a need to promote Chinese Dance culture.

She plans to open her dance school this coming fall.  Her school will teach traditional Chinese dances to interested students.  When we asked Yan Ge, why does she want a non-profit foundation? Her reply was “ I feel, if a person is interested in studying dance, they should not worry how to pay for the classes.

I want my own foundation to help pay for classes of students who want to learn Chinese dancing.”

At the young age of 4, it was Yan Ge’s father an intellectual, who first introduced her to dance.  He worked as a journalist who traveled around the world and was exposed to many things.   She remembers watching “Swan Lake,” with her father and going to see “Sleeping Beauty”.   Most kids at that age did know the difference between reality and fantasy.  After watching both shows, Yan Ge, told her father that she wanted to be a fairy princess.

At the age of 6, Yan Ge was admitted to Beijing Children’s Palace.  She wore her first pair of dancing shoes, and began to dance to music.   At 12 years old she won first prize, in major dancing events.  In 2000, she won the highest achievement award expert professional dance Chinese “Tao Li Cup”; In 2005 gained enjoy Chinese Dance “Oscar” in the world “Lotus Award”.  In 2006 8th Asia Arts Festival performances won the gold medal, the same year as Ten Players nationwide theatrical newcomers; 2007 obtained the Beijing Dance contest.  She continued becoming a major choreographer for the “Centennial Dream Towards  2008 Beijing Olympics Gala”.    For over 20 years Yan Ge has been one of China’s young dancing stars.   In 2009 she was awarded the Outstanding Young Artist by the Chinese People’s Republic of China Ministry of Culture; 2010 was invited to the Fourth East China provinces and one-city professional dance competition judges.

Reporter: How do you think your dance school will contribute to the American people?

Yan Ge: “I think that the creation of such a dance school is just a valuable role in the United States.  To teach Chinese dance will help to promote Chinese culture, to the American people.   American people can borrow a better understanding of traditional Chinese dance inner beauty of the Chinese people. So we are preparing this thing, I call it the construction of a road leading to the soul.   We seem emotionally distant, but in fact very close, we just need a way to communicate to each other.”

Reporter: in your opinion, do you think the audience will be able to understand the different kinds of dance culture?

Yan Ge: Dance is an incredible way to communicate without language, or text.

It is through dance that I express my feelings.   Most dance performances are passionate with love, whether it is a Broadway musical, American tap dance, classical, or modern ballet, in China, the United States, and United Kingdom or in every piece of land; they are never short of such feelings

Yan Ge:  There is no difference in my dance among the audience.  They will be able to understand what they see.

Reporter: How does your family feel about all of your achievements?

Yan Ge:  “My father is the one who openly claps, yells and screams at all of my events.  He is always saying how proud he is of me.  My mother is very conservative and quite.   She smiles but never says how proud she is in front of me.  However I heard from others that my mother always praised my achievements in front of her friends and others but not in front of me.   My mother’s friends assured me that she is very proud of me.  That makes me happy to know this. “  My family taught me to be very cautious, very simple, not too much boasting.”

Yan Ge explains:  The Chinese folk dance is known as the soul of the dancer, her performance flows brilliantly, becoming the character in every part of the dance and play.

In closing, we found Yan Ge to be very ambitious and focused on her plan to start a dance school in New York City.

VNB magazine is honored to recognize and share the story of such a great dance star.   We plan to keep you up dated, on Yan Ge’s new dancing school once it opens.  Maybe I might take a Chinese dance class . . . . . .