The monks in a temple in western Thailand  tamed big, aggressive tigers so they became friendly with humans. Many visitors come to the temple to see tigers.


Tiger is the important part of Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua, which is the temples build in 1994 in Saiyok District, Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand (near the border with Myanmar). In addition to religion, the temple still preserve wild animals, including Indochinese tigers.

Photo: Zumapress


At the temple, the monk are taming the tiger with his bare hands. In 1999, they received the first tiger from the nearby villagers. Then the animals die, but people continued to bring other tigers here. Currently there are  150 tigers live in the temple. Photo: Reuters


One of the biggest tiger in the temple are weighing about 600 lb. He lived here for 7 years. Usually,  tigers were very friendly with the monks and visitors. However, wild instinct that they can attack the monk at any time. Photo: Reuters


On 23/5, a large tiger attacked abbot Luang Ta Jan, who had tamed the tiger for a long period of time. Fortunately, the wound was not dangerous to his life. The organization protecting wildlife warned that tigers may attack travelers when they visit the temple. Photo: EPA


Abbot Luang asserted that the tiger would kill him if he really wanted to attack. The wounds on his body quite shallow and the 64 years old monk will leave hospital in a few days, AFP reported. Photo: EPA



National Park Administration in Thailand announced that they would confiscate the tiger in that temple. However, the monks strongly opposed this decision. Currently the government banned charge for tourist to visit temple. Photo: Flickr


Source: Zing