Crocosaurus Cove theme park (Australia) opened to tourists for the opportunity to “face” and take photos with a giant crocodile longer than 16 feets.

According to The Daily Mail, the adventure tour  is for people who like thrills. Guests are protected in a nearly 9 feet high tank, which  is sealed called “cage of death”, next to the giant crocodile. Tanks are made of transparent acrylic materials 15.5 cm thick.


The 9 feet Reservoirs is  very safe for tourists. Guests get to experience this heart-pounding sensation in 20 minutes, and witnessed the crocodile ate large chunks of meat. Upon seeing the man, crocodile increasing appetite.


Spokesperson of Crocosaurus Cove Park, said: “Usually people just scared just excited to enter the tank, fear not knowing what will happen, but excited because access to this huge animal extremely close at a distance “.


The 20 minutes in the tank is a long time for people who is afraid of crocodile.
Saltwater crocodile named Chopper, 18 feet long and weighs 369 kg. Chopper is now 86 years old, the uncle diverse food like buffalo meat, chicken, fish and beef heart. Uncle loves being around people and even bite the tank.


Guests wearing just a swimsuit and goggles, when entering the tank.


Face to face with a giant crocodile was a feeling that they never get before.