Guests will have the chance to see the sharp teeth of the great white shark, which called the killer of the ocean.

Guadalupe, Mexico: Located less than 250 km from the Baja coast, the crystal-clear waters and warm around the island of Guadalupe is one of the most ideal place to watch the great white shark.

Guests will enter the cage and was dropped on the seabed to observe the giant shark.


Mossel Bay, South Africa: this beautiful country  welcome very all the guests love sharks visit. Mossel Bay has stable weather, calm ocean and warm water than Cape Town and Gansbaai.


Leap of Faith, The Palm Resort, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Guests will drop down a slide tube from a height of 90 feet and a break for a lake full of sharks.



The pipelines are glazed with transparent glasses for visitors can see the ocean killers swimming around.


Neptune Islands, Australia: male white shark with a length up to 16 feet may live around the island, the breeding season the female shark will also appear often.


In addition to shark diving tour, visitors can observe the different of endemic animals on this beautiful island.



Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, USA:  If you want to swim with sharks but did not dare to enter the cage and down the coast, you can get to the hotel’s pool Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. Sliding tube closed for visitors the opportunity to observe sharks and other sea creatures.


Gansbaai, South Africa: This is a dream of adventurous people and is one of the first dive with sharks in the world.


Clear waters allow visitors catch a glimpse of the ocean nightmare.


The under water room, The Palm Resort, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: From luxurious room is located below the surface, visitors will have the opportunity to observe sharks and marine organisms in the environment natural. Room hotel has welcomed many celebrities, with prices up to $ 8,200 per night.


Shark Reef, Mandalay Resort, Las Vegas, USA: With more than 1,200 marine species, including sharks, saltwater fish, freshwater and a tortoise weighing over 130 kg, Shark Reef gives travelers a wonderful experience.


Cape Town, South Africa: The adventurous people flock to the city of Cape Town to join the shark diving trip in Seal Island, False Bay.


It has appeared in a special edition of “shark week” by National Geographic, in which visitors will be seeing the ocean predator.

Source: Zing

Photo: Daily Mail