rare and exotic beauty, Anais Rizzo, affectionately known as Neesy, is a fulltime freelance model who hails from Sparta, New Jersey. Her career path into the modeling industry began when she was discovered during her first job at a Dunkin Donuts store. A regular patron turned out to be a wedding photographer, who had been very taken with her appearance and invited her to collaborate with him in a test shoot.

“Of course, I wouldn’t pass up such an opportunity,” Neesy said.

And that was how they discovered her natural talent in front of the camera. Every sensual pout, every flip of the hair, and every confident pose made her more and more certain that this was her calling — she was born for this. And when VNB came along, we felt almost certain that we’ve discovered the next Kate Upton. When asked why she decided to collaborate with VNB, Neesy responded with genuine enthusiasm, “VNB is a great magazine of high quality. Its images are absolutely breathtaking and I feel honored to be its next cover girl!”

When not strutting her stuff in front of a camera, Neesy works as a freelance makeup artist, having a natural flair for the arts and love for aesthetics and beauty. Off camera, she claims to be just your typical 21-year-old girl next door, who also happens to be very down to earth, fun, and outgoing. “I love spending time with friends and family, with people I love,” she said.

When asked where her usual hangouts are, she blushed with a coy smile. “I love the gym,” she said. “I believe health is very important, and it is my responsibility as a model to keep myself fit for the camera.” Yes, to our young model, nothing beats the feeling you get after a good long workout at the gym.

Regarding lifelong goals and dreams, Neesy feels there is nothing more important than happiness. “I just want to be content and happy with life,” she said. “No matter what ends up happening in the future.”

VNB magazine cover model

VNB magazine cover model

To wrap up our interview, we engaged our young model in a lightning round of questions:

1) Your favorite Dunkin Donut?

I usually stay away from donuts but if I had to pick one, then… jelly all the way!!

2) Body part you’re most proud of?

Hmm… it’d have to be my smile.  I was born with straight teeth, never had braces!

3) All-time favorite movie?

I have so many favorites… but oh, “Smiley face” is absolutely hilarious.  I suggest watching it on Netflix right now.

VNB magazine cover model: Neesy Rizzo

VNB magazine cover model: Neesy Rizzo

4) What types of color do you feel compliments you most in terms of makeup and outfits?

I always like to play it safe and end up going with neutral colors.  Oh, and you can’t ever go wrong with black.


5) Any advice for new/aspiring models?

Work really hard at what you love and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something. If you put your heart and soul into it the world can be yours.

6) What’s one thing you’d like to improve about VNB?

I would try my hardest to make it more widely known. VNB is a great, classy magazine with beautiful women and well written articles — it’s something everyone should check out .

7) If you could be a dancer, what kind of dance would you do?

If I can even dance, I’d love to be good at salsa . It’s something I have always wanted to learn.

8) What are the things that would ruin a perfect date for you?

A guy who smokes.  Not only is it very unhealthy, it affects those around you as well. It’s disgusting and would  definitely be a deal breaker for me.

9) Your idea of the perfect man?

Oh dear, the perfect man… honestly, probably just someone who could make me happy and respect me.  And if he happens to be super hot as well, I wouldn’t mind that!

10) Do you think you could survive a zombie apocalypse?

You bet I can survive a zombie apocalypse! I am a huge “Walking Dead” fan and I’ve even imagined and planned out how I would survive if ever that day were to come.  Bring it on zombies!!