Model: Sandy Hao Photography: Le Quan

Model: Sandy Hao
Photography: Le Quan

1. Please tell us about yourself.

My Name is Chenyu Hao or Sandy. I’m from China, I was born in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province and I lived in Beijing before I moved to NYC. I’m a student in NYU majoring in economics and I want to be a lawyer so I’m planing to apply for law school.

2. How did you become involved in the modelling industry?

I was an intern in Beyond The Runway TV and my supervisor recommended me to a designer, I walked his show. That was my first runway experience.

3. If you could change one thing about VNB, what would it be?

I would add a little bit of import scene into it. Although it would add flare and an edgy style to VNB, it will market a wide variety of different clientele along with what VNB is already all about.


4. What made you choose to work with VNB?

Its a great magazine.

5. Who is your favorite model?

Cara Delvingne

6. What aspects of modelling attracted you to the profession?

It’s exciting, cool and there’s always something new.

7. What is your happiest memory?

I have a lot of great memories.

8. What is your greatest fear?

Become blind.

9. Have you ever searched for your name online?

Haha no not yet. I’ll do that as we speak.


10.  Tell us a bit more about the person behind the gorgeous magazine cover.

I was trained in Chinese dance since I was 9. My childhood dream is to be a professional dancer. I love swimming, volleyball and dance of course. My current goal is to get into a top law school and become a successful lawyer. Dreams? “I do not have dreams, I only have goals.” And I will get there as long as there’s still blood running in my vines.

11. What is your idea of a perfect date?

When you love each other every date is perfect

12. Where would your ideal vacation be?

My ideal vacation would be in Bali, I’d love to just wake up to the beautiful scenery around me. It is a must on my travel bucket lists!


Thank you so much Le Quan and VNB Magazine for the spotlight feature!