The beautiful design of the office reveal the  creativity and individuality belong to big brands like Dropbox, Google or Facebook. Most offices are unique and stimulate the creativity of the people working in it.

Take a closer look at the 5 designs office that everyone dreams to work there once in a life time.



Headquarters of the “empire” search engine Google is  mighty located in Tel Aviv, Israel with the  impressive and innovative building, like the way we still see the Google search engine every day. The office of Google consists of 8 floors, and each floor bears a unique theme, reflecting the cultural diversity of the country, as well as the nation of Israel.

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5-thiet-ke-van-phong-lam-viec-sang-tao-va-ca-tinh-nhat-the-gioi-hinh-anh-7The design of Dropbox headquarters in San Francisco was inspired as storage space, the mission of the company Dropbox. Space has many rooms, each bearing a theme and a different story.


Selgas Cano


Selgas Cano architectural office located between a wooded area, near Madrid, Spain’s capital. This is a structure located between nature. With its unique design, partly underground and partly exposed to the large glass panels, made people feel employees are working between nature and under the green canopy.

5-thiet-ke-van-phong-lam-viec-sang-tao-va-ca-tinh-nhat-the-gioi-hinh-anh-10 5-thiet-ke-van-phong-lam-viec-sang-tao-va-ca-tinh-nhat-the-gioi-hinh-anh-11



The office of Facebook is full of dynamism and creativity, even “rebellious” and not follow any regulation at all.




The world’s largest Toy maker Lego design the office in style like space docking, inspired by his own creation. One of the characteristics in the design of Lego’s office utilizing natural light.  According to them, it will stimulate hemisphere performs better, and so will “escalate  creative source” for their employees.

(Photo: Boredpanda)