19780_18_1447814218_1447757963_4Super model from Vietnam Chi Minh born in 1993 blooming glamorous stature as “captivates” men.  Appearing in the latest semi-nude images,  photos showing Chi Min sexy physique with a plump round shape and strong characteristic.

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“Touch input” for being a teen model from the end of 2012 a very fortuitous way, Chi Min appeared on the cover of newspapers in many dramatic fashion shoot. She also starred in the clip for the singer Engraving Vietnam and the film “Green Island” and the actor Huynh Anh, Tapes Di, Sam …

Fans star tattooed Hollywood – Rihanna, pattern tattoo photos 9X also ancient Egyptian goddess Isis beneath the chest to resemble the idols. Ownership healthy complexion and brown ball seductive lips, Chi Min was also a comment that has many features quite similar to the famous female singer in the world.

After almost 2 years of work as a model pause to focus on the business, Chi Min recently decided to make a sexy photoshoot for supporting “job memory”. She said the current business was stable, she was willing to continue to work if the opportunity sample image. Once published, a series of semi-nude photos sexy photo model 9X has consistently received praise from the online community. 19780_24_1447814219_1447757963_6 19780_25_1447814219_1447757963_1 19780_27_1447814219_1447757963_7

Sources: pose.com.vn

Photo: Hoàng Phúc
Stylist: Louis Đặng
Make-up & Hair: Mid Nguyễn
Theo Hoài Thu (danviet.vn)