Owning a height of 169cm and endearing face, female gym teacher Thuy Hang once called “muse” of many photographers in Sai Gon.

Appearing in the latest underwear photo, women’s gymnastics teacher Sai Gon “heart cut” men with sexy curves.

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Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang was born in 1994, currently lives and works in the city. Besides the main task is to teach aerobics teacher at the nursery school and children’s center, Thuy Hang quite passionate about photography and are familiar pattern of many amateur photographers in the city.

Currently, female teachers are actively 9X add the yoga practice to prepare for the upcoming yoga classes. Owning a height of 169cm with a good shape and firmness, Thuy Hang pretty confident when doing the sexy photoshoot with lingerie, bikini glamour.

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Sources: Theo Hoài Thu (danviet.vn)