1. Please tell us about yourself. 

I am Grace Lim. I am a Korean-American model and was born and raised in the city of dreams, NYC. I’ve received several punches from life but it has only made me stronger. I dream to one day open a cupcake shop and start my own clothing line. I hope to open an orphanage one day as well. I want to reach the day when I can say ‘This is the best time of my life’.

2. What made you want to be a face of the VNB brand?

It is my dream to be in a magazine. Seeing this first Asian glamour magazine that portrayed the beauty of many beautiful Asian models and more made me want to be a part of the magazine. In America, you do not see too many Asian models but this magazine is able to bring out the beauty of the exotic Asian feature. I felt honored to be featured in VNB.

 3. If you could change one thing about VNB, what would it be?

I don’t see anything there is to change. It inspires girls of any race to pursue their dreams in modeling. This magazine shows that beauty is not one-sided. The most amazing part of is the inspiring story of the CEO who created this magazine and how he reached his dream.

 4. How did you become involved in the modelling industry? 

I have always dreamed of being a model and it became a reality as I took small steps in exposing myself in the modeling industry. I was able to come across amazing designers, photographers and the CEO of VNB magazine. I was given great opportunities to model in fashion shows and photoshoots. I was also featured in the online magazine Art Muzo.

5. Who is your favorite model?

The Korean actress/model Hyo-ri Lee. She is a beauty icon in Korea and her sexy poses in photoshoots inspire me.

6. What is your happiest memory?

When I got my first car, the Mazda RX8. Besides that, it would be climbing up the stepping stones towards my dream of modeling, such as when I met the CEO of VNB Magazine!

IMGL3698 IMGL4313

7. What is your greatest fear? 

Spiders and snakes! Actually, my greatest fear is the fear of possibly not being able to reach the top of the mountain where my biggest dreams are. I think we all have this fear within us except for those who are living their dreams whom I respect.

8. Have you ever searched for your name online? 

Yes and it feels awesome to see myself as a feature model.

9. What is your daily schedule like? 

Work, relaxing, spending time with my dogs, cleaning, watching Korean dramas and making time for awesome people in my life.

IMGL4395 IMGL4482

10. What is your favourite fitness activity? 

Hip hop or lyrical dance! I just love to dance, and any great groovy music will make me want to move.

11. Do you have any advice for models new to the business? 

Do not ever think that you cannot make it. With hard work and faith, anything is possible. I would say express your beauty from within. It will show on the outside when you find the beauty inside of you.

12. What is your motto?

Never let anything or anyone break you. Let it only make you someone stronger, wiser, more loving and kind. If there are pieces that are broken and shattered within you, piece it back together little by little and one day you will see that you’ve created an amazing piece of art.

 13. Who is your real life hero? 

My real life heros are my dogs! They are the ones that brought me joy and showed me unconditional love through the lowest points of my life.

14. What inspires you?

People who are living their dreams inspire me because it shows that with hard work and faith, anything is possible.


15. What is your idea of a perfect man? 

Omg, the list is long. To make it short, I would have to say: Honest, smart, good-looking, has a great smile, romantic, faithful, a food lover, a great cook and someone who just knows how to love me perfectly. And someone who loves to eating ice cream. I feel that finding this perfect man is like winning the lottery. I have not won the lottery just yet. I hope I win before I turn 80.

16. What is your idea of a perfect date? 

Dinner by candlelight with awesome food! And of course a nice walk and talk by the ocean shore. Anything romantic and well-planned is perfect.

17. Where would your ideal vacation be? 

Hawaii or Italy. Or even China, where I can see baby pandas.

Thank you so much Le Quan and VNB Magazine for the spotlight feature!