Since it was discovered and published, Son Doong – the world  largest natural cave has become a dream for those who love traveling expedition.  Hang Son Doong cave is located in the National Park Phong Nha – Ke Bang (Bo Trach, Quang Binh) and is part of the underground system connects with over 150 other caves in Vietnam. With a width of 200 m, a height of more than 150 m, a length of 8.5 km, this is the largest natural cave in the world. According to Conde Nast Traveler, it can accommodate both a large block in Manhattan (USA), equivalent skyscraper 40 floors high.


The underlying Son Doong is a primeval forest, stalactites and underground river and climate conditions, separate than those outside. The clouds in the cave that visitors feel like in paradise. When the day came, millions of rays penetrate into the cave, lighting effects create mesmerizing.  With spectacular pristine beauty, Son Doong has a  reputation as the world famous caves. Recently, the Huffington Post (US) has described  Son Doong  as follows: “With the main cave passage longer than 5 km, some sections of the Son Doong cave big enough to accommodate a plane. Cave has its own climate, with waterways, forests and light in the natural sinkholes. The cave is not for those who lack stamina because visitors must pass strenuous journey, challenges. “Earlier, in May 9/2015, science Smithsonian magazine (USA) also announced 25 locations to visit at 21st century and Son Doong  ranked number one on this list.


Ha My Giang