From every corner of the room in the aquarium in Paris (France) we are seeing the most dangerous animal in the ocean in a very close distance.  Those who preferred the adventurous can try to live in the shark tank at the Oceanographic Museum of Paris (France) on June 11-13th. Each day there will be 4 people to experience life here with an experienced person of the Museum.


But the opportunity to try this strong feeling is not base on how much you can pay, but it depend on the relationship with the people in the aquarium.  They will select the guests who can join the adventure.


To ensure the safety of tourists, experts Fred Buyle will accompany. He’s the world diving champion, shark conservationists and underwater photographers. He will perform dances underwater with sharks, leading people to walk in to the pool for an explanation of shark lives.


Sharks are arguably the most misunderstood creatures on the world with frightening images, aggressive. But in reality, they play a very important role for the ecological balance in the ocean. Oceanographic Museum, Paris wants through this experience so that people better understood the shark.


Transparent glass wall makes this particular bedroom and outside seems to be true without any gap.

Source: Airbnb