Simultaneously possesses the beauty of the new generation type: crispy brown skin, ant waist, long legs … supermodel  Minh Tu featuring sexy curves in the new image. Choose the most beautiful dress with black cardboard, which embraces the body, showing the elegance it also her charming.

Cleverly combining mixed materials lace, mesh, T-hugging long legs born in 1992 to help express your personality through each image. Minh Tu burned almost every person’s gaze.


Recently, Minh Tu  spend time at the gym to workout with the desire to become a fitness model, a dynamic model, healthy inspire confidence for young girl, who love beauty, sports.






Youthful, modern and daring change, 9x super model is ideal for girls who want to express themselves. With Minh Tu, “women have only one life, you should enjoy and live your own life with no regret.”

Nhiep Anh: Tee Le

Trang Phuc : Chung Thanh Phong

Model : Minh Tú 

Costume : Chung Thanh Phong

Theo Nam Nguyễn (danviet.vn)