Named as the  Pearl of the Orient, Shanghai always contain many wonderful things makes people curious discovery. Not only famous for amusement parks or shopping malls series, the city is also impressed with the reputation of restaurant chain’s , which is the most typical multi-sensory restaurant is Ultraviolet – the dream destination for the worldwide cuisine.


Structurally, Ultraviolet is in fact just a discreet dining room for 10 persons. There is a table in the middle room, the design has cleverly installed a modern series of screens around the auditorium. Connect with advanced LED systems, we will create many special scene whenever there are new dishes come in. In addition, the restaurant also playing music, to increase the effect and stimulate the senses of customers.

Besides spatial intelligence post, Ultraviolet still mesmerizes all customers by fine dining menu. Reportedly, each set includes 22 dishes to eat normally. First, you will enjoy light appetizers to salads, followed by seafood such as fresh oysters, caviar, lobster … and finally diverse range of desserts. In particular, all of which are processed directly by the famous French chef Paul Piret.

And of course, the quality often associated with cost. It is known to have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the wonderful space in Ultraviolet, average per customer would have to spend 900 USD