H i my name is Cindy Kimchu (Cindy Lee) and I live Virginia which is just outside of Washington DC. I was born in Vietnam. I’m half Chinese and half Vietnamese. I have a passion for life and I choose to see all of the true beauty that the world has to offer.  New to the business, modeling provides me with the chance to express and as well as share my love of life and art with others. To have the opportunity to work with VNB Magazine is both an honor and a privilege. VNB, as the first and only Asian glamour magazine dedicated to celebrate beauty in NYC, opens the door for others to see all the beauty that this world contains.



我叫 Cindy Lee,住在华盛顿附近的弗吉尼亚市。我出生在越南,有一半越南血统,一半中国血统。



Model: Cindy Kim Chu

Photography: Le Quan