My name is Jiayanfei Li. I was born in northern China where girls are slim, tall and with passions of life. My dream is to be a model because my mother was a model when I was a little girl. I hope one day in the future, I can be a model just like my mother.

Girls like to pursue beauty and I am no exception. I like to always be at the center of the spotlight. I have been modeling in front of cameras at car shows and other businesses for several years. However, those are not things I would like to pursue only.  I am trying very hard to complete my college degree. If the beautiful appearance is like a beautiful vase, the knowledge and the experience is the flowers in this vase. I am happy to utilize my beauty and my efforts to help me to complete my dream and also bring happiness to the readers of VNB magazine. I feel really appreciate to  VNB magazine because they are able to give me a chance to show myself.  I also hope I can get more opportunities to put more flowers in my vase.





Model: Jia Yan Fei Li

Photography: Le Quan