Melmel graduated from college in May. She is currently a part time model in New York. She doesn’t care much for money or fame. She only focuses on herself and elephants. Her dream is to become an elephant protector and go to Africa to stop ivory exploitation. On a regular day, Melmel wakes up, cooks for herself, drinks a pot of coffee and goes to work out until her legs feel numb. When night comes, Melmel always shares her life with her friends, who have the same attitude towards life as her, over a glass of wine. If you ask her what she’s passionate about, she will light a cigarette and tell you: it is breathing the summer breeze, listening to throwback remixes of 2010s, and occasionally enjoying a bubble bath… but actually, her passion lies in savoring the trivialities of her life. For most of the time, she acts like she will never get off her high horse. She wears dark lipsticks to make sure whoever she kisses will have a stain. She dances in the living room with nothing but lingerie on. She’s not nice. She glares, she bites and she doesn’t smile to please. If you ask her to describe herself, “…I’m a paradox, I like extremes. I either want to be super cute or be a total bad ass. I hate normal. I hate being nice. Those are the worst things you can say about a personality.”



Melmel 五月份大学毕业。她目前是名纽约的兼职模特。她不在乎名和利,她只关注自己和大象。她的理想是成为一名大象保护着,去南非阻止象牙剥削。平日,Melmel起床后,自己烧饭,喝一壶咖啡,然后去健身直达她的腿麻掉为止。夜晚来临的时候,Melmel总是和她的那些和她拥有同样生活态度的朋友们边喝酒边聊天。如果你问她热爱什么,她会点上一支烟然后告诉你:是呼吸夏日的微风,聆听21世纪怀旧的混音和偶尔地享受一个泡泡浴。但实际上,她的热情在于给她的生活琐事加调味料。大多数时间,她表现的那么高高在上,她涂着深色口红,保证每个她亲吻的人脸上都会留下痕迹。她穿着性感内衣在客厅跳舞,她并不友好。她怒目而视 ,她咬,她不笑。如果你让她自己来形容自己,她说:“我是一个自相矛盾的人。我喜欢极限。我既想要变得很可爱,又想变得很坏。我不喜欢平凡。我不喜欢友好。那些最张显不出一个人的个性。”