Hello, my name is Joslin Wang”Ziling Wang” and currently, I live in New York. I am 21 years old. I was born in China. I’m quarter Spanish. I speak both Chinese and English, and a little French. I’m a studying fashion business, and I’m also a fashion buyer and a freelance model. I have an online shop on WeChat app. If anyone is interested, you can add my WeChat “joslinw” . I love to share and to show my passion for fashion designs, and that’s why I love my job. It’s my pleasure to work with VNB Magazine, as the first and only Asian glamour magazine dedicated to perform the Asian beauty.



我的名字叫Joslin Wang,我住在纽约,今年21岁, 我出生在中国,但是我有四分之一的西班牙血统。我可以说中文和英文,也会一些法语。现在是一名学习时尚业的学生,生活中我也是一名时尚买手和模特,我有一个网上小店在微信上,如果有人感兴趣的话可以加我微信:“joslinw” 。 我很喜欢分享和表现我对时尚的热情,这也是为什么我非常喜欢自己的工作。当然这次和VNB杂志的合作我也非常的开心,VNB杂志是唯一一家致力于表现亚洲女性之美的杂志,我也非常欣赏这一点。



Model: Joslin Wang

Photography: Le Quan