Naked Crab Restaurant is located in flushing, NY, the building where the Parc Hotel is, which is right next to Sky View. You might miss the restaurant easily but once you find it, parking is not an issue at all. There is barely any Cajun seafood place in Queens and Naked Crab kicked off perfect timing. Even though it hasn’t been opened for too long, there’s definitely a lot of potential.
Naked Crab 餐厅位于纽约的法拉盛, 在Parc Hotel 的安侨酒店内,紧邻着Sky View。你可能很容易就会错过这家餐厅,但是一旦你找到了,停车不成问题。在皇后区,几乎没有印第安海鲜,Naked Crab的开张正是时候。虽然它开张的时间并不长,但却有很多潜力。


Cajun Shrimp


Cajun Snow Crab

The moment you walk into Naked Crab, you can feel the strong industrial atmosphere their wall design is based off exposed old bricks and wood with some unique paintings collected from different places. What attracts me most is a wall full of blackboard design. Besides handwritten specialty menu with a large naked crab logo, they also have some sea animal drawing. Everything indicates that this a professional place to have seafood.
一走进Naked Crab, 就能感受到浓浓的工业气息扑面而至,餐厅采用裸露的旧砖和木头作为墙面设计,挂着店家各地淘来的个性画作。最吸精的就是那一整面墙的黑板设计,除了手写的餐厅招牌菜市,大大的Naked Crab Logo,还画了些海底动物,处处营造的氛围都在告诉客人这里是一家专业做海鲜料理的餐厅。

If you come to Naked Crab, you have to try their seafood and I know you will enjoy it. They have staff purchase fresh seafood from fish market everyday to make sure they deliver their customers fresh and quality seafood. In addition to that, Naked Crab also offers a series of westernized snacks to please your taste buds.

Naked Crab, 就是要大块朵颐的享受海鲜才够味。这里的海鲜每日都会有专人在海鲜市场购买,从而保证食材的新鲜和质量。除了海鲜之外,其推出的一系列西式精品美食、款款都能俘获你的味蕾。


Naked Tower: 赤裸海鲜宝塔

Naked Crab’s specialty is its NAKED TOWER. The dish is well presented with two tiers, including one chilled lobster on the first tier and 6 oysters, 6 clams, 6 mussels and 4 shrimps on the second. The big lobster on the first tier is fresh and firm. The raw oysters are all from local and are all shucked nicely and super meaty and flavorful. You can pretty much taste all kinds of seafood from this dish.
Naked Crab 的招牌赤裸海鲜宝塔共有两层,满满的新鲜海鲜而且摆盘非常的精致。上层有一只龙虾,下层包含了6个生蚝,6个蛤蚌,6个青口和4只大虾。上层的龙虾肉质鲜扎实,下层的生蚝则全部来自美国当地,鲜甜又肥硕,这样一个拼盘吃下来非常的过瘾。


Naked Tower



The uni pasta
The UNI PASTA is a little on the pricey side and uni is an acquired taste for a lot of people. Even though uni has a very light taste, the combination of uni and creamy pasta complemented each other very well. Just one bite can satisfy your taste buds.


The uni pasta

Squid Ink Pasta
Even though the dish looks dark, it has a lot of nutrition itself. With the combination of shrimp and oysters, the dish has an intensive flavor and is very delicious. Especially the permeation of the squid ink complemented the pasta very well when you mix it in.
墨鱼汁意面虽然黑漆漆的,但是营养丰富,口感和味道都令人称赞。 意面本身很有嚼劲,加入了鲜虾和生蚝后,海鲜味内外夹击,墨鱼汁的渗入也使清寡的海鲜味多了份浓厚。


Squid Ink Pasta

The SIRLOIN PRIME is cooked slowly with low heat, which needs a lot of work. It is cut big chunks and versatile, juicy and delicious. The side dish combines mash potato, mushrooms and string beans along with the restaurant made sauce. Trust me, you will definitely want to come the second time.


For the specialty BOILS, you can have a bit of the shrimps, mussels, clams, snow crabs, lobster, king crab legs. The mussels and clams are actually a lot more meaty than what I’m used to seeing in other restaurants. My favorite is the snow crabs and king crab legs. They’re pretty generous with the amount of snow crabs and they’re all super meaty. They provide you with bibs, gloves and cracking utensils. You also get the corns, shrimp and potatoes and those usually go with the sauces really well. They have five sauces in total: Cajun, garlic and butter, lemon and pepper, Sha-bang and naked sauce.
Naked Crab的另一个招牌美食就是风靡美国的Boils,你可以享用虾、扇贝、蛤蚌、雪蟹、龙虾和帝王蟹脚。扇贝和蛤蚌比其他餐厅的比起来更有肉感。我最喜欢的是雪蟹和帝王蟹脚。店家给了很多的雪蟹并且肉都很多。同时他们也提供围兜,手套和夹蟹的工具。你同是也能享用玉米,虾和土豆,这些和那些酱料一起吃,味道更好。Naked Crab 有五种口味的酱料,卡真(Cajun),蒜蓉黄油,柠檬胡椒,沙邦和特色赤裸酱料。


Specialty BOILS

It’s very hard to find good Cajun seafood in Queens. Naked Crab also has happy hour deals from 5pm-7pm and all night at the bar, so if you are looking for a good Cajun seafood place to hang out with friends in 2017, you must try Naked Crab in Flushing!
在Queens找到一家好的印第安海鲜店并不容易。Naked Crab 还有快乐时光,从5点到7点,还有整晚上在吧台区。如果你在2017年想找家印第安海鲜店和朋友共度时光,一定要来法拉盛的Naked Crab!


39-16 College Point BLVD

Flushing, NY 11354

Tel: 718 886 8777