Are you a big fan of sponge cakes? If you are, then you must have heard New Kam Hing Coffee Shop before. Wait, it does not ring a bell? Then I am telling you, you are missing out!



New Kam Hing is an old school Cantonese coffee shop on Baxter Street in Chinatown and is also one of those names that’s whispered often around Chinatown. It seems unfathomable that something as plain and ordinary as a sponge cake could draw so many people to New Kam Hing’s humble bakery. But these bakers must have a carefully guarded secret, an anomaly in the recipe that makes Kam Hing’s sponge cakes rise far, far above the rest of Chinatown’s.

The moment you enter the store, you probably will be surprised: How can this bakery attract so many customers even though it ‘s just a small consisting only of a kitchen and small display counter. The owner’s daughter Liz introduced me to the store:


The owner’s daughter Liz

“ We’ve been running this bakery store for almost 35 years. It’s a family owned business and we have about 7 employees currently. My dad used to run it and now I’m in the store most of the time. ”

在你刚踏进店门的时候,你也许会感到诧异:这么小的一家蛋糕店,仅有一个小厨房和小陈列柜,到底是如何吸引到如此多的顾客的?店主的女儿Liz 向我介绍了这家店:“我们经营了这家蛋糕店大约有35年了。这是家族生意,我们现在有七名员工。以前是我爸爸来打理,现在大部分时间是由我来经营。”

As we mentioned earlier, the store has been known for its great sponge cakes. You can see the sponge cake cartoon drawing on the wall and you know that’s their signature. This is an airy, melt-in-your-mouth sponge cake that will remind you of an egg-y version of angel food cake. Trendy and seasonal iterations are available as well, like matcha, coconut, strawberry, and pumpkin spice. They’re light, fluffy and airy, and each offers an understated level of sweetness that’s impossibly addicting. They also never seem to lose their moistness, a pure magic trick if I know anything about it. If you’re planning on ordering less than 4 or 5, plan to loathe yourself later. These are the best of their kind.



One thing to note is that they are significantly better when they are freshly baked as opposed to when they have been sitting around (I suggest warming them up in the microwave if you come when they have been sitting around for a while).  They also serve drinks like Thai iced tea and Hong Kong-style hot milk tea, which go perfectly with your army of sponge cakes.


Recently, they rolled out some new items such as rice noodle roll, curry fish eggs, pork bellies, congee and etc. Liz told me that these snacks received warm welcome from customers in addition to its traditional sponge cakes. The tiny store had about 50 people in and out during my 20-minute stay. I really enjoy the tender rice noodle rolls covered by fish eggs. Liz also mixed them with soy sauce and chili sauce, which added different flavor to the delicious combo.
最近,店里又新推出了像肠粉,咖喱鱼蛋,猪肚和粥之类的小吃。Liz 告诉我说,这些小吃在推出后受到很多顾客的好评。我在店中短暂的停留了20分钟,大概有五十多个顾客进进出出的。我最喜欢的小吃是肠粉鱼蛋,鱼蛋浇在嫩滑的肠粉上,Liz在里面还加了酱油和辣椒酱,给这碗小吃又增添了很多新的口味。




Even at the crack of dawn, you’ll find its bakers turning out untold amounts of the cake, packing them into huge plastic tubs to ready themselves for the day’s inevitable influx of patrons. “We sell to the supermarket and schools sometimes and we are trying to get more wholesale business.” Liz added.
即使在傍晚的时候,你会发现店内的面包师还在做很多海绵蛋糕,把它们打包好放进硕大的塑料桶中,等着第二天涌入店内的顾客。“我们同时还会向超市和学校贩卖蛋糕,我们争取在扩大金兴的批发业务。”Liz 补充说。

The store provides good quality food and is also inexpensive. At $.70 each sponge cake, you can afford to order yourself a veritable buffet of the stuff. If you’re looking to expand your baking horizons, order the coconut custard pie, also just $.70. Packed with desiccated coconut, egg and what appears to be a hint of peanut, they’re a welcome respite from your greater task at hand – manning up and finishing all those sponge cakes I convinced you to order. Different kinds of snacks such as rice noodle rolls and fish eggs range from $3- i$5 depending on the size of the order. However, I guarantee you will feel stuffed and satisfied after having one bowl.

If you’re in Chinatown during the day, don’t forget to stop by this place and pick up a nice light snack before you head out. They will fulfill your day with satisfaction and enjoyment.


Tel: (212) 925-0425

118 Baxter Street, NY 10013

Yun Xiang Li