World-class DJs, A-listers, high-class interiors, expensive drinks and lively atmospheres are all attractions that appeal to lavish parties around the world.


Nikki Beach, St. Tropez, France

Champagne sprays, long legs, hot dress, good food, famous DJ and many VIP characters, star A class … are what you will see when you are at the party. Beach party at Nikki Beach, St.Tropez. This is also the Richest site ranked No. 1 in the list of 10 sexy pool parties in the world.

These openings always welcome people and when you attend, remember to bring a few card to swipe, because the price for this party is not small at all.


Wet Republic, Las Vegas, USA

Crazy, cool and cool are the words that many of the excited guests have used to describe the poolside parties at the Wet Republic. This place is also voted by many people as the “hot” pool in summer in the world. Admission for women is $ 10, men are $ 20. On special occasions or famous DJs playing music, ticket prices will be pushed up several times higher.


Encore Beach Club, Wynn Social, Las Vegas, USA

Second in the list was the pool party held at Encore Beach Club (Encore Beach Club). The world’s best DJs, celebrity guests, expensive drinks, lively music and quality … are the things visitors will enjoy when attending this party.

The party usually takes place over the weekend. On weekdays, guests will pay $ 30 to $ 40 to enter the pool. At the time of the event, ticket prices will be much higher.


Ocean Club, Marbella, Spain

Many visitors admitted that, just when they joined the Ocean Club Pool Party, they really understood what a wild but hectic nightlife was. The highlight of the parties was the champagne, which was very much popped out, and people spewed out, joked around, danced with their friends in drooping music, the laughter of hundreds of young people. other. In addition, the interior of the banquet is also very luxurious. To participate in this party, guests must book in advance.


Piscine Molitor, Paris, France

Just spend $ 195 on admission and enjoy a relaxing day by the hot pools at Piscine Molitor. Although reopened in 2014, this place has become crowded with the party at the poolside hit. In addition, the young girls come here also hoping to meet the famous A-list celebrities, dating them and change lives.


Ushuaia Ibiza, Spain

Speaking of Spanish, many visitors remember the poolside party at Ushuaia Ibiza. Many VIPs, the “rich kids” in the world, Hollywood top stars, hot girls are the things that you will see often when you join.


The Standard, Los Angeles, California, USA

“Want to meet celebrities, go to The Standard” is a mouth-to-mouth quotation when talking about poolside parties in Los Angeles.

The parties are held here is always the favorite destination of the top stars in the United States thanks to the prime location, just enjoy and enjoy the panoramic city. The time for dinner begins at sunset, and you will be immersed in the inviting atmosphere of the place.


W Hotel, Hong Kong, China

Owning one of the world’s tallest rooftop pools, the W Hotel in Hong Kong is a favorite destination for the rich. Tickets at the pool parties here are sold very limited, but the price is always towering (ranges from $ 300 – $ 1,000). If you are lucky enough to be part of these parties, you can also get free Maldives conferences.