• In this coming VNB magazine summer issue, we have a great pleasure to invite the super model Kiko Chan from Vietnam to be the VNB Magazine’s cover model this time during the trip I visit to Vietnam. We are fortunate enough to have a great time to do an interview with her.
  • 1. Please tell us about yourself.
  • I am kiko chan, 26 years old. Flight attendant. I’m currently a model and actress in Vietnam. I was voted as “Asia’s most beautiful flight attendant” by 40 Vietnamese newspapers and 1 Indonesia newspaper in 2016.
  • 我叫Kiko Chan,今年26岁。空乘。现在在越南当模特兼职演员。我在2016年被越南40家报纸和一家印度尼西亚报纸评为亚洲最美空乘。
  • 2. If you could change one thing about VNB, what would it be?
  • 如果你可以提高VNB杂志的一个方面,那会是什么?
  • VNB Magazine is a great publication. If anything can be improved, I would add images such as those in GQ for example, or add a list of Top 10 model of the year, popular model of the year.
    VNB 杂志是一份很棒的杂志。如果非要提高些什么的话,我会加一些照片进去,像GQ 杂志那样的,或者加一份年度前十模特,或年度最流行模特等。


  • 3. What made you want to be a face of the VNB brand?
  • VNB Magazine also focuses on beauty and modeling, two areas that I am extremely passionate about.
  • VNB 杂志同时关注美丽和模特,这两个领域都是我非常热爱的。
  • 4. Who is your favorite model?
  • My favorite model is Marinda Kerr, who is sweet, attractive and knows how to handle things in life.
    我最喜欢的模特是Marinda Kerr, 她很甜蜜,迷人,并且懂得如何打理好自己的生活。


  • 5. How did you become involved in the modeling industry?
  • As mentioned above, I did not know anything about modeling. I joined the modeling industry because I want to win the competition!!! However, when I entered the field, I was fascinated and excited as well: Everyone recognizes me in public from my photo shoot and I think it makes me proud.


  • 6. What is your happiest memory?
  • Something that makes me happy is talking with children and something that makes me mostly afraid of is gaining weight.
  • 7. Have you ever searched for your name online?
  • I often see myself on the Internet, because many paparazzi wrote negative news about me with the purpose of attracting more readers.
  • 8. What is your idea of​​ a perfect date?
    A perfect day is at home cooking with my boyfriend. Don’t talk about work or scandal.
  • 9. Where would your ideal vacation be?
    My ideal place is to be with my love. Anywhere in the world.