The following were developed by, American developmental psychologist Howard Gardener.

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

Everyone’s body and mind were created differently. We cannot label someone as stupid just because he or she is not proficient in certain tasks. You may have an ability that another does not posses, but surely the other has been ability that you do have.

Here are the 9 different types of intelligence you may posses, but of course you are not limited to just one.

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  1. Naturalist Intelligence (Nature Smart)

This is the ability to understand living organisms and read nature. This was crucial to our ancestors, as hunting and navigating to survival. These people have an acute sense when it comes to differentiating different types of specimen and products. Nature smart people are often times the people you come across with, “green thumbs.” Botanist and chefs usually have this type of intelligence. In the market place, nature smart people are individuals who are adept in categorizing consumer products such as cars, makeup, and shoes.


  1. Musical Intelligence (Music Smart)

Yes, you’ve guessed it. Musically intelligent people are those who have great ears. They have an exceptional ability to play, produce or reproduce, and create harmonious tones, pitches, and rhythms. However, musical intelligence are not only limited to people who are skilled in the art of music. If you do not play an instrument it does not cross you off this list. Being musically intelligent simply means that you are able to pick up music skills with ease and the ability to differentiate various sounds come natural to you.


  1. Logical-Mathematic Intelligence (Reasoning/Solution Smart)

People who possess this type of intelligence make sense of the world through patterns, equations, calculated precisions, and propositions. They excel in math and are able to quickly connect the dots in their minds. Logical-mathematic intelligent people are usually good at solving puzzles and riddles. They are often into high difficulty games. The fields of work they are drawn to relates to science, research, engineering, programming, architecture, and just anything that requires tangible problem-solving skills.


  1. Existential Intelligence (Spirit Smart)

These people are the philosophers, spiritual teachers, life coaches, and motivational speakers of society. They are able to take in and process the deeper side of life. They ask and attempt to answer questions such as, why we exist, how we got here, what happens after death, what is the meaning of life, etc. They have the ability to think beyond the normal realm.


  1. Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart)

Many great leaders either have or acquire this type of intelligence. Dealing and interacting with people takes a major portion of our lives. The ability to handle people efficiently enables one to adapt quickly in various situations. Interpersonal intelligent people are flexible and are amazing communicators. They can get points across to others through verbal and non-verbal speeches.


  1. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (Body Smart)

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligent people make great athletes. They are marvelous when it comes to controlling their bodies. Synchronizing the movements between the body and mind is key factor of people with this type of intelligence.

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  1. Linguistic Intelligence (Word Smart)

Often times people link this type of intelligence with people who are wizards in speaking or learning different languages. However, solely being adroit in multiple languages does not necessarily make one linguistic intelligent. Being linguistic intelligent defines as the competence to link and manipulate words beautifully. They are able to create contents that transcend the surface meaning. Journalist, novelist, poets, public speakers, and politicians are in most cases linguistically intelligent. Occupying this type of intelligence basically means having immense talent in the art of story telling.


  1. Intrapersonal Intelligence (Self Smart)

These are self-motivated individuals, as they are keenly aware of their own feelings, thought processes, and direction in life. Intrapersonal intelligent individuals know why they do or take certain actions. They speak with intention. They know what they want, how to get it, and what plans to execute. However, intrapersonal intelligence does not only involve a high altitude of knowledge about oneself, but also the human condition. Similar to existential intelligent fellows, they make fantastic philosophers. They also excel in counseling and in the territory of human development.


  1. Spatial Intelligence (Picture Smart)

Last, but not least on this list are the artistic visionaries. Spatial intelligent people carry strengths in conceiving 3 dimensional visions. They have vast control over their imagination and its manipulation. You usually see these types of people in work fields that correlate with numerous types of designing.