In this century of advancing technology, the Internet has most definitely proven itself to be a great revenue-generating platform. More and more people are quitting their conventional jobs for virtual based careers. Here are 3 of many ways you can make a living online.


  1. Youtube

YouTube is by far the most known online source, in creating a sustainable income in the comfort of your own zone. What started out as a simple platform for people to share interesting videos has become a game changer in the world of unconventional jobs. Popular YouTubers have been able to make more than they will ever need. YouTubers get paid around $100 per 1,000 views and $0.18 per advertorial view. Although, you can indeed cash in on your views and ads, the real profit comes from sponsorship and branding yourself. A multitude of YouTube stars have been offered entertainment contracts, such as modeling and acting.


  1. Travel Blogging

Constructing an amazing blog of any sort will lead to many opportunities. However, travel blogging is definitely at the top of the hot topic news. Imagine being able to visit all the countries and places you’ve dreamed of diving at whilst getting paid. This type of blogging, of course comes at a price in the beginning, but the end result is worth it all. A myth that too great a portion of the population believes is that, money will flow right away. That idea is absolutely false. In fact, it’s actually a rigorous journey at it’s stepping stone phrase. With blogging, just like motion content creating you must be able to attract a vast niche. Only, once you’ve got a decent following will companies start sponsoring you. But, you know what they say- the greater the risk, the greater the outcome.


  1. E-commerce

With the rising rent and real estate prices, retailers are becoming more interested in selling on a podium with less expenditure. Conceiving an online business will save you a massive amount of cash on the sales floor and if done efficiently the products as well. One of today’s most utilize site to open an online store is shopify. Shopify pretty much sets everything up for you. All you need to do is list the products, pricing, weight, and shipping. This site also allows you to connect to Oberlo, a drop shipping company. Drop shipping has become a prominent tool for e-commerce retailers to save space and prevent over shipment of products. Oberlo lets you import items from a third party site to your store and sell those items at any price you wish to set. You will never have to see the products, ship the products yourself, and overstock in products.