1. Brandon Stanton

Losing a job for many people would lead to panic attacks, depression, and self-destructive behavior, but not for Brandon Stanton, best-selling author and photographer. Before he became the world renowned photojournalist, genius behind the viral book, “Humans of new York,” Stanton was bond trader in Chicago. After he got laid off from his job, Stanton decided to focus on his passion for photographer rather than update his resume. He took the initiative to pursue what he loves and not concentrate on money. Stanton may seem like an over-night success, but that was definitely not the case. Initially he thought that just by successfully taking 10,000 portraits would send him straight to stardom; he was broke. However, when Stanton finally realized that people are more interested in stories than just mere photographs, he began to gain momentum. “Humans of New York,” is known for sharing small insights of everyday people’s personal life. The “Humans of New York” now has over 17 million followers on Facebook and over 7 million on Instagram. Stanton made millions off his photo books.


  1. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

You may better know Kjellberg by his YouTube pseudonym, PewDiePie. He is a Swedish YouTube comedian and video producer. He came into the spotlight by creating commentary game videos. After he failed to attain an internship at an advertisement company, Kjellberg made the decision to focus on his YouTube channel. He funded his passion by selling his art and hotdogs. His hard work and dedication clearly paid off, since he is today’s YouTube’s most popular channel. Kjellberg has made over 20 million dollars from his ventures that stemmed for his passion for gaming.


  1. Jonathan Koon

Jonathan Koon is Chinese-American entrepreneur. He became a self-made millionaire by the time he was 16. He started his jackpot company, Extreme Motorsport Performance when he was just in high school. His company sold imported car tuning accessories from Asia. Koon biggest success came when his company became one of the main suppliers for the reality show, “Pimp My Ride.” Koon closed his company when he decided to focus on his university’s studies. However, his business career did not die. Koon got into fashion and launched his own clothing line, Private Stock. He has a net worth of around 80 million.