02-mercedes-benz-vehicles-mercedes-amg-project-one-hypercar-iaa-2017-2560x1440-1280x720The future of technology and driving performance has been finally revealed in the International Motor Show in Frankfurt. The Mercedes- AMG Project One is the car of your dreams, from a concept feel to F1 performance.  This car will be in production and sold, available for buyers starting at a preposterous price of $2.72 million (€2.275 million). The goal behind this amazing vehicle was inspired to look like a Formula One car, but be able to be compatible and driven on the street. The engine has been modified to perform like the Mercedes-AMG F1 W07 that Lewis Hamilton is using to lead the 2017 F1 Championship.


It is a hybrid based engine with a 1.6 liter V6 hybrid turbocharged combustion engine. Which results to over 1,000 horsepower and a fiery top speed of 217 mph. The car also provides a race start function which can have the car go from zero to 124 mph in under six seconds. The exterior of this car has all the looks of a mean Formula One car including a similar aerodynamic “shark fin” design that was once used on Hamilton’s F1 car in the Championship. The piece has actually been banned in F1 racing due to Formula One making an announcement that all “T-Wings” and “shark fins” be banned until the next season for safety reasons. However, Mercedes has added the shark fin onto the Project One as a rooftop air intake to give a more dynamic look.


For the obvious focus of it being a racing car, the Mercedes team kept the interior looking very similar to the F1, so they kept it pretty minimalistic while still keeping its luxury taste that Mercedes is known for. The sculptured racing seats are mirrored to look unmistakably like actual seats used in motor racing. Carbon fiber is one of the main focus materials used because of its strength and lightness compared to steel and aluminum parts. Overall, this vehicle has really had people’s jaw drop and has done a wonderful job in giving you a true luxury hypercar. Mercedes has said that only 275 of these surreal hypercars will be built with its ridiculous price tag. With that being said, this car will be very exclusive and will most likely move quickly towards the rich car enthusiasts to add to their collection.