The import scene, also known as the tuner scene is an American sub-culture that spotlights imported and modified cars. Japanese brand cars are a favorite in the scene. The import culture began as early as the 50s, when car modification became popular among the American youth.


Import events have been taking place in certain countries in Asia, Australia, and Europe, and throughout the major cities of the United States, especially cities located in southern California.


Import events generally entail car shows, meet ups, and/or drag races. Car fanatics, often times bring their cars to display at these events.



The popularity of the culture created a modeling scene of its own category, import modeling. Import models attend car shows, pose in front of, present, or promote the hottest cars on the block.


This type of modeling is notably prominent among the Asian-American youth. Hence, a majority of the top import models are of Asian descent, though it’s not limited to the Asian population.


A few mentionable names in this modeling industry are Jeri Lee,


Christine Mendoza,


Dannie Riel,


and Danielle Lombard.