Combined with parental pressure and the rise of social media, anxiety is the most common issue among the children of generation Y, millennials. Being brought up by successful parents and witnessing young stars across digital platforms, millenials are led to believe that they need to have everything figured out by a certain age. And we all tell ourselves that we would be living our dream lives by that destined age. However, when realty hits and things don’t as planned, we fall into depressive and anxious states. We feel like failures.

But the truth is, life never goes as planned. And that’s okay. I had a road to success without any blockage, said no one ever. A failed plan does not equate to failure. Not knowing what to do doesn’t mean that you have to hate yourself. Realizing what wanted is not actually what you want is terrifying at first, but that’s honestly one of the biggest life epiphanies you can have. It’s good to know what you don’t want. Go be and test out new interests. Pursue and do things that make you smile. Life was not given to us so that we can sit in an office and work on things that we do not care for.


One of the greatest ironies in life is that, starting from a young age we were taught to plan out everything, but in reality figuring out life requires experimenting. I mean how can we possibly know something until we’ve actually been through it. Ever heard someone say, “The best adventures are unplanned”? I’m sure most of us have and we probably nodded our heads when we came across it. That statement is so valid because when we do things unplanned, we’re following our hearts and the heart is where true courage lies. And just like the best adventures, success comes in unexpected forms.

The devil- time and comparison. We’re so afraid of wasting our time and trailing behind those around us that we stifle ourselves. Many times, while we’re trying to discover our passions we look upon our friends who are working a routine job. Then we ask ourselves if we should just get a meaningless job that pays the bill because we feel like we’re getting no where. But, let me tell you this, experimenting, learning about yourself, finding out more and more of what you don’t want, and what your fears are is not a waste of time. It’s all part of this humane journey. We are spirits having a human experience, not the other way around.-tmp-jpg95ynye_532_292

Don’t work to live. Instead, live to work. Life was supposed to be about having fun and enjoying the experiences this world has to offer. Don’t let fear change that. Life was meant to be wonderful.