The McLaren 720S GT3 race track is completing the trials and will soon be competing in races in 2019. The car is priced at $ 564,000.  The McLaren 720S supercar has a top speed of 341 km / h, the 720S GT3 racing version is even more awesome. 2019 will start a new chapter when the McLaren 720S GT3 is released. First revealed in November, the McLaren supercar has officially revealed the first image.


McLaren said it is conducting the final test and will put the 720S GT3 in test run in the US and Middle East before the end of this year. The McLaren engineers worked with Pirelli’s tire partner to check out supercar racing through a series of tests, including “torture” for strength in 24 and 36 hours. The two McLaren 720S GT3 prototypes will go through more than 18,500 miles at test lanes before the first cars are delivered to the teams in 2019.


As previously announced, the GT3 racing car is built on the same mono-carbon mono-carbon fiber chassis as the McLaren 720S standard, but carbon fiber body panels have been optimized for aerodynamics.


In addition, the GT3 also has a new clutch, lower body and large rear wing. The McLaren 4.0-liter V8 engine is tuned to GT3 specifications, but instead of being paired with a seven-speed dual clutch, as in a commercial vehicle, with 6-speed sequential gearbox.


The racecar also features the Salisbury Differential Traction Limiter that can be adjusted, traction control and ABS. All GT3 racing cars have a steering wheel on the left, Kevlar carbon seats with winged head restraints, six-point seat belts and standard FIA cabin steel frames.


The McLaren 720S GT3 race car will be assembled at the new dedicated GT racing facility at McLaren headquarters in Woking, Surrey, UK.

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