1. Please tell us about yourself.
My name is Shu-Hsien,Lee.  Born and raised in Taiwan.
I Came to US in 2013 pursued computer animation with art.
Currently making music, doing freelance model and making hospitality art in NYC.
2.  What made you want to be a face of the VNB brand?
VNB magazine is great magazine that promote model and get work for them.
I love their branding and images.
3. If you could change one thing about VNB, what would it be?
Doing more artistic collaboration.
4. How did you become involved in the modeling industry?
I found my passion in modeling when my photographer friend asked me to model for his first conceptual project.
Since that moment I felt in love with modeling career.
5. Who is your favorite model?
Devon Aoki
6. What is your happiest memory?
When I was a child walking with my parents for finding Christmas gift.
7. What is your greatest fear?
8. Have you ever searched for your name online?
Yes.  Because I am famous and I have a lot of fans.
9. What is your daily schedule like?
Subway to work, drawing art design for hospitality, workout, freelance making music or modeling.
10. What is your favorite fitness activity?
I love doing squat.
11. Do you have any advice for models new to the business?
Don’t give up , and be who you are
12. What is your motto?
Be who you are
13. Who is your real life hero?
My parents.
14. What inspires you?
Technology or psychology, music
15. What is your idea of a perfect man?
Gentle , polite , smart ,
16. What is your idea of a perfect date?
Enjoy the crazy , and touch each other’s heart
17. Where would your ideal vacation be?
Thank you so much Le Quan and VNB Magazine for the spotlight feature!
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