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The first and only Asian glamour magazine that is devoted to discover and celebrate beauty in New York City. Our editorial covers multiple works of models, photographers, makeup artists, fashion designers that want to reveal the glamour, exquisiteness, and style of the splendor to the world. We are often sophisticated, always complete and beyond supportive of those with a passion for art and have different perspective for this magnificent world of multiple beauty. Our purpose is to convey our fervor for art and beauty but most of all to give the readers a glimpse of our perception of the world.

Who Is Le Quan

On Mission our mission is to promote new models to the creative fields, and modeling field.
We promote business and services to the Asian community in New York City.
Promote new models to the creative industry and show case their work to the million of viewer.
Promote business to reach out the million of customer in the Asian community.
Call Us Today! 1.646.750.8970. We could send the magazine to everyone.

Our Crazy Skills

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Internet Marketing 95
Graphic Design 85
Website Design 75