6 Enlightening Quotes by Oprah Winfrey

“Don’t worry about being successful but work towards being significant and success will naturally follow”

When your motivation comes only from your own desires, it’s difficult to stay motivated. However, if you strive to influence others and make a positive impact […]

The Import Culture

The import scene, also known as the tuner scene is an American sub-culture that spotlights imported and modified cars. Japanese brand cars are a favorite in the scene. The import culture began as early as the 50s, when car modification […]

Hottest Car Premier of the Year! Mercedes- AMG Project One

The future of technology and driving performance has been finally revealed in the International Motor Show in Frankfurt. The Mercedes- AMG Project One is the car of your dreams, from a concept feel to F1 performance.  This car will be […]

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5 Must Visit Destinations!

Taj Mahal

Completed in 1653, the great ivory palace is one of the most well known wonders of the world. It stands 240 feet tall, in the Indian city of Agra. The origin of this masterpiece stems from the love story […]

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Yamamoto Sayaka- The Girl Of All Japanese Men’s Dreams

This Japanese Bombshell, 24 is a model and leader of NMB48, popular Japanese idol group.

She is praised for her perfect body and doll-like features.

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What makes her even more appealing is her flawless skin […]

Railway NYC

Situated in the heart of Greenwich Village, this chic little bar graces the street with its delightful cocktails and exquisite cuisine. Emulating the classic image of railway trains, Railway NYC’s spectacular interior design radiates familiarity with dashes of nostalgia. Opposite […]

VNB magazine September issue

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Thien Thy Le- Meet The Asian Barbie


 With 1.5 million followers on Instagram, this Barbie-like import model has taken the Internet by a storm with her sexy revealing photos. She is praised for her luxurious curves, tiny waist, and doll-like features.

Here are 5 of her sexiest photos:

Just […]

Passions into Careers- 3 Self-Made Millionaires

Brandon Stanton

Losing a job for many people would lead to panic attacks, depression, and self-destructive behavior, but not for Brandon Stanton, best-selling author and photographer. Before he became the world renowned photojournalist, genius behind the viral book, “Humans of new […]

Mister Hot Pot

Tired of overpriced, average quality food? Well Mister Hot Pot guarantees top-notch quality at reasonable pricing. The food is always fresh. You won’t be finding any frozen food on your plate. Their special broths will hit your taste buds with […]

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